Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact

Petition to end the EU’s energy dependence on Russia for fossil fuels and accelerate its energy transformation towards greenhouse gas neutrality


EU Commission president  and vice presidents
EU Parliament and President of the EU Parliament
President of the EU Council
Prime ministers of the EU member states
European External Action Service

The attention of the whole world is focused with fear and consternation on the humanitarian uncivilized and unkind tragedy resulting from the extremely violent Russian aggression on Ukraine and its people.

The European Union is founded on Human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of law, Human rights values. All these values have been trampled by the Russian invasion in the young Ukrainian democratic country willing to establish a different set of them, based on the vision of the world belonging only to those who seize power by force and uncontainable violence.

The economic success of the EU was possible and still depends on energy for its industries, cities and life. However, inside the EU the sources of energy are extremely limited. Today energy, in its different forms, gas, oil and more, comes for the most part from Russian sources. The EU and its member states have not yet been able to reach together a stage that allowed to end this dependence.

In the current war, this weakness puts the European Union in an absurd situation because its energy imports from Russian sources is followed by the payment of billions of Euros to finance the Russian invasion and war against Ukraine, making any intervention of the EU in support of peace more difficult.

The statement of the Ukrainian scientist Svitlana Krakovska, a member of the IPCC WG2: “Human-induced climate change and the war on Ukraine have the same roots, fossil fuels, and our dependence on them.” brings the current situation and its challenges right to the painfully precise point.

It is clear to all that the global present and near future for the humanity must be constructive, positive and sustainable.[1] Instead, this war of the Russian autocrats and their conception of relations between nations leads in exactly the opposite direction!

This war, while on the one hand is a tragedy, on the other hand has united us all to stand up for freedom and peace.

We, as European Climate Pact Ambassadors, strongly reaffirm and proclaim that the future of today’s and future generations must be based on a world of respect, freedom and sustainability for all.

We therefore demand the EU member states and the EU Institutions that:

  • All necessary efforts are made at the political, legislative, economic, financial, investment, defense, health, labor and social levels in order to accelerate the achievement of the energy transformation of the European Union to greenhouse gas neutrality in the shortest possible time.
  • The energy dependence on Russia (gas, oil, etc.) is put to an end, while avoiding dependence on fossil fuel supply from other sources as well.
  • The process of integration of domestic energy sources, their purchase, investment and financing is initiated within the EU member states.
  • Part of the resulting profits be reinvested in support of sustainability of the society as a whole.

We invite you to respond together to this historic challenge!

[1] UN Sustainable Development Goals:



Name Country
Nikola Biliškov Croatia
Terenzio Facchinetti Italy, Germany
Beata Borowiec Poland
Carlos Pérez Collazo Spain
Zuzana Pucikova Belgium
Jose Segarra Murria Spain
Fokke De Jong Netherlands
Fadeke Ayoola Belgium
Agnieszka Oleksyn – Wajda Poland
Evelina Barbanti Italy
Thaddeus Anim Somuah UK
Selin İşmen Turkey
Julia Sidyk Bulgaria
Cristina Calheiros Portugal
Zé Alves-Pereira Trinidad & Tobago
Lenore Black Canada
Bahar Gök Turkey
Carmen Marques Ruiz Spain
Melissa Poirier Canada
Hale Erol Hakan Turkey
Karna Cotton UK
alexi kingston Canada
Jenna Miles Canada
Sumina Muktan Canada
Anahita Arpadarehei Canada
vern degen Canada
Joanna Calisto Canada
Adrian Vetis Canada
Linda Semanych UK
John Ciolli Canada
Kaja Pavlinić Croatia
Filip Koprčina Croatia, Netherlands
John Smith UK
Beniamin Strzelecki USA
Alicja Harackiewicz Poland
Lisa Melara Canada
Anna Staszewska Lithuania
Hendrik Michel Germany
Kardelen Döş Turkey
Barbara Bartels-Leipold Spain
Giacomo Pieretti Italy
Mihaela Ionita Romania
Ricardo Fernandes Portugal
Rogério Ivan Portugal
Manuela Troschke Germany
Margit Kapfer Austria
Urszua Sara Zielińska Poland
Claudio Pistidda Germany
Alice Casiraghi Italy
Annika Gehrmann Germany
Valdur Lahtvee Estonia
Massimo Fusari Italy
Céline Seince France
Ugis Rotbergs Latvia
Richings Mwaba Zambia
Mauro Mussin Italy
Luciana Favaro Italy
an a Germany
Rosanna Bellomo Italy
Monika Rajput Germany
Doris Vollgruber Austria
Arbri Merakaj Italy
Andrea Grieco Italy
Michael Kusterer Germany
Alfredo Avanzi Italy
Yara Sinkovec Portugal
Caroline Odoz France
Ben Brice UK
Urszula Sara Zielińska Poland