As scientists we know that the worlds still has time for action, for diverting from the path of climate chaos.

In this sense, we are the part of the middle generation that dares to act, that stepped out of its academic comfort zone and away from lethargic defeatism of our generation, largely reconciled with the perspective of climate disaster. Instead, we put our knowledge, skills and the possibilities offered by scientific research at disposal and cooperate with all those who care for positive change. In this unity we want to contribute to the creation and evolution of a radical vision of hope in facing the climate crisis through building of a more just global society.

The bases of our activities are the demands listed in the Plea of Croatian Scientists for Systematic Climate Change, submitted to legislative and executive authorities in January 2020. Our activities are public and directed toward building and empowering a wide interdisciplinary and intersectoral climate movement in Croatia, connected with related organization in the world.

First of all, we wish to inaugurate and intensify a scientifically based, articulate debate on climate crisis in the general public. With our respective expertise we wish to contribute to the articulation and implementation of ambitious climate policies.

The second important mission of this group is providing support to existing and emerging climate initiatives. Apart from that, we will actively work on educating the general public on all aspects of the ongoing climate crisis. As scientists, we are aware of the depth of the crisis caused by decades of inaction or misdirected action. We are acutely aware that further inaction is unacceptable so we took action armed with our best tool – science.

We believe that our positive action toward facing climate crisis can lead to strengthening the general public’s confidence in science.