Who we are

We, as representatives of all scientific disciplines, are extremely worried about the increasingly visible climate change.

As scientists we are responsible to the whole of society, as articulated in our Plea for Systematic Climate Action. The plea, signed by more than 550 scientists, was submitted in January 2020 to legislative and executive authorities. Unfortunately, many positive values of science are being challenged, in large part due to the fact that the general public has grown reluctant to critically evaluate information, a phenomenon widely present in today’s society. In this sense our activities for facing climate crisis are directed towards the renewal of these broken connections.

As citizens, and as parents, we owe to the next and all subsequent generations a carefree future and a sustainable world. A large portion of our demands and activities stem from this fundamental sense of responsibility. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the growing youth climate movement and encourage the articulation of its science-based demands.

We are scientists and climate change is a scientific fact, leading to an all-pervasive climate crisis. We see our role as scientists in this context.